How to Make ChatGPT Undetectable?

ChatGPT is a vital tool for society: doctors use it to transcribe medical notes, banks use it to identify fraud, and students use it to meet deadlines. What’s more, so many students use ChatGPT that universities now have AI detectors. This raises the question; can ChatGPT go undetected? The simple answer is yes. Moreover there are ways.


There is an AI tool that can write in a very personable style. Its name is Arvin. It’s free on Google extension or iOS App. So, if you want a free AI tool that can write with the charm of a human and the knowledge of a highly valued AI system, get Arvin. 

How to Make Chatgpt Undetectable

Why is ChatGPT Detectable?

It is possible for ChatGPT to produce human-like conversations that border on the genuine. Experts use advanced identification techniques such as language pattern analysis and probing queries to identify ChatGPT. But it is possible to fool the AI detector; the context and the user’s ability level can affect the AI detection. If you want to know more about this click here on this article, it provides a better explanation.

How to Make Chatgpt Undetectable

Ways to Make Chatgpt Undetectable

There are two effective methods to reduce the detectability of ChatGPT-generated content. The first is well-known and effective; edit the AI-generated text yourself. The second method is to use other tools to cover up ChatGPT’s footprints.  

Modify Manually to Make AI-Generated Content Undetectable

Use a mix of human written and Chatgpt-generated content.

Edit ChatGPT-generated content. Since if you do this you can change the tedious style into something interesting. It will become harder for the AI detectors to pick up on the AI generated content. However, unless you rewrite the entire text the rambling style of the AI will remain. 

Increase the ‘burstiness’ of the content.

Increase the ‘burstiness’ of the content. What does this mean? Burstiness is the measure of how dispersed something is. So it refers to how much the sentence length varies and the complexity of the language. In fact, human writing generally has a lot of burstiness. For example, when King Lear says: “Howl! Howl! Howl! Howl! O ye are men of stone…” we see four short exclamations followed by a longer sentence. This is what burstiness means, and we see it in the best literature. Compared to this AI writes in a rigid style, importantly the sentences are all a similar length.

So, change up the sentence length, use both short and long sentences, and you will make the ChatGPT content less detectable.

Increase the ‘perplexity’ of the content

Make AI-generated content undetectable through ‘perplexity’. Perplexity measures the predictability of the sentence. So if you say “Anna walks her…” and the next word is dog, and the AI guesses correctly, then that sentence has a low perplexity. This is because it was a very predictable sentence. If, however, you were to say “Anna walks her… elephant” and the AI does not predict “elephant” then the perplexity is high. Keep the perplexity high and the work will seem less like AI-generated content. 

Improve the ‘perplexity’ of ChatGPT-generated text:

  • Be generous with your vocabulary, don’t simply stick to one word. 
  • When you are writing draw on your experiences: the unique human perspective on life can never be recreated by the AI. 
  • Change the sentence structures.

Use Tools to Reduce the traces of AI

Here are a few tools that make ChatGPT content undetectable:

Use Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI‘ rewrites AI content in order to pass content detectors. Simply copy and paste your content into the editor, and the software will write the text with fresh vocabulary, syntax, and expression.

You can change the settings; let’s say a deadline is looming for an essay you’ve only just started, you get ChatGPT to help you finish your essay, but it’s clearly AI. Don’t worry – you can copy and paste that paragraph into Undetectable AI under the settings of “university” for readability and “essay” for purpose. 

Ask Chatgpt to rewrite AI-generated content

If you don’t want to pay a subscription to an AI tool, there are some free ones out there. You can ask the AI text generator to rewrite its own output, which can help. 

Use Quillbot to paraphrase AI-generated content

You can edit both AI-generated and human-written content with Quillbot, an AI-powered paraphrase tool. Depending on your target market, you can select from a variety of modes, such as Fluency, Creative, and Simple. If you want to change the writing quickly, you can click on any of the rewritten words to see a list of synonyms. 

Arvin AI Assistant ChatGPT Extension

Other Ways to Make Chatgpt Undetectable

Choose a Natural Writing Style

AI detectors can spot AI-generated writing since they are frequently trained on a large amount of human-written text. When utilising ChatGPT, it’s crucial to write in a natural tone to prevent being detected. Therefore, you keep a simple and organic writing style; be sure to change up the syntax. 

Limit Response Speed

If you slow down the response time ChatGPT generated content will become less obvious. AI detectors search for text that is produced extremely quickly; this is one of ways they identify machine-generated content. Allow ChatGPT to take its time: a pause between each response helps to avoid detection.

Change syntax and vocabulary

The best way to get passed the AI content detectors is to combine both AI and human writing, and to keep the reader in mind. When you are writing, write with confidence and energy. Do not overuse one word. Be generous with your vocabulary. Remember writing is about communication, so write with clarity. On a practical level follow Orwell’s advice for good writing – never use a metaphor, simile, or figure of speech you are used to seeing in print, never use a long word where a short one will do, and if you can cut a word out, cut it out (its typical for AI to have a lengthy style).  

How to Pre-Check the Originality of Your Work

A lot of people worry about content plagiarism by ChatGPT. But there is no need to worry: plagiarism detectors, such as Turnitin or Grammarly, can determine whether your work is original or copied. These tools check your text for similarities, comparing what has already published online with your work. 

Use free AI detectors to pre-check your work before you submit/post it. Change your work with the methods discussed above.


How can one ensure the undetectability of ChatGPT while using it responsibly?

Responsible use involves staying within legal and ethical boundaries. Undetectability should not compromise the quality of interactions or contribute to harmful outcomes.

Is using Chatgpt to write essays allowed?

Using Chatgpt to write the entire essay is clearly unethical and would be regarded as academic misconduct. But use AI to help with the process is generally allowed.

How can college detect the use of AI?

Colleges use plagiarism detection tools, analyze writing styles, and monitor references to detect AI use in student work. In programming courses, specific code styles may be scrutinized. Educators also employ in-depth questioning and promote academic integrity to discourage the use of AI-generated content.

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