What is Conch AI and How to Use Conch AI?

AI has the potential to transform our productivity. Tests show that when using ChatGPT, we become 23% quicker and the quality improves by 20% (according to Medium). ChatGPT, a subsidiary of OpenAI, has captured people’s imagination: AI tools are now generating ideas, creating content and revolutionising the way we work. Conch AI is also part of this revolution. 

In this article, we are going to look at Conch AI: what it is? How to use it? The price?  Can it pass through the AI detectors? Are there similar tools out there? So, let’s begin. 

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What is Conch AI?

Conch firstly came out in February 2023. Essentially, it aims to improve student’s bang for the buck by providing AI tools. So, it will create new methods of thinking and new methods of writing; enabling students to reach the peak of their productivity. 

Importantly, Conch mostly serves students, and researchers. They can both use it to summarize research data, write papers, read through necessary reading material. Essentially, Conch will become the perfect academic assistant, helping both student and researcher fulfil their academic ambitions. Conch writes content that passes the main AI detectors: GPTZero, Turnitin, Originality.AI. 

Conch AI

What does Conch AI do?

Conch is at heart a writing assistant. It will help you break through writer’s block. How? It’s simple, it can generate new content that is good to read. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Rewrite: it revises all your work until you are satisfied. 
  • Summarizer: briefly explains the content of whatever you have selected, be it PDFs, articles, or books.
  • Conch: you can ask anything and generate any type of content.
  • Templates: Generate everything you need for the perfect template so your work can be presented in the best way possible. 
  • Finder: ask any question about the website, it will give you the answer.

How to use Conch AI?

Next, visit the official website so you can use Conch. All its features are available there. You can use Conch on all websites by downloading the Chrome Extension for Conch.

This is the most helpful and informative tutorial for Conch:

It’s really easy to start with Conch. First, go to the official website https://www.getconch.ai/.

Then you can experience some of Conch’s features online.

AI detector

Check for AI

Chat with PDFs.

Conch Analyze Chat with PDF

How to use Conch AI Chrome Extension?

First, go to the Chrome web store.

Chrome Web Store

Then, click the “Add to Chrome” button to add Conch to your Chrome browser.

Create an account or sign up

After that, create an account and sign in. You can start using Conch.

Conch AI Chrome Extension

How does Conch AI not get detected?

It has unique technology that allows it to bypass AI detectors. So, neither GPTZerso, nor Turnitin, nor Originality (the key AI detectors) can detect Conch. 

Moreover, this technology uses AI to rewrite and reanalyse data to the point where it can no longer be detected. As a result, it ensures your information keeps being original whilst passing AI detectors.

Is Conch AI free to use?

Happily, yes Conch provides free service. It offers multiple plans depending on what you want. You can try Conch for free (with limited words). This plan guarantees 1,000 words every month so you can see Conch’s brilliant writing style for free. 

Conch also offers annual subscriptions that will save you money on the long run. See the pricing pages here. It’s an easy read; we’ve got a list of Conch’s paid plans, so you just scroll down and decide what you want.

How much does Conch AI cost?

Conch has both Free and Pro plans so it can be accessible for all people. Here are the prices:

Conch Classic

Free to get started. – 1000 words per month, 10,000 tokens per month, access to analyse (Chat with PDF).

Conch AI Pro

$4.99 per month. Billed Yearly at $59.99 – 10,000 monthly words, 10,000 tokens per month, access to analyze (Chat with PDF), chrome extension, journal/web citation generator, no video ads, and no early access to new features.

Conch AI Limitless

$9.99 per month – Unlimited monthly words, unlimited tokens per month, access to analyze (Chat with PDF), chrome extension, journal/web citation generator, no video ads, and early access and voting for new features.

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How many words can Conch AI Write?

It depends on the subscription plan you get.

Completely free of charge Conch will write you 1,000 words per month. Now you might think “one thousand words is hardly anything!”, yet most freelance writers will charge $250 for a one-thousand-word article. When you look at it like that you realise your effectively getting $250 of free work every month for nothing. It’s a great deal. 

Now there is truth in saying 1,000 isn’t very much. This is why you should consider the upgrade – Conch AI Pro plan. Look, for a mere $4.99 per month it will write you 10,000 words every month. Again, look at the difference between hiring a freelancer (costing you $2,500). It makes you realise it’s a very good, practical deal.

This principle also applies to Conch AI Limitless plan, you can write an unlimited number of words per month, surpassing anything a professional writer could produce for a fraction of the price. For how much (you ask)? A poultry 10$ for the quantity and quality of work, this deal is simply great. It’s the most popular for a reason. 

How well does Conch AI work?

Conch is an excellent, reliable, practical tool that will help users create/rewrite content. Now let’s be fair and look at the alternatives. 

What is Similar to Conch AI?

There are many products like Conch AI. But the only one to come close as a writing assistant is Arvin. In fact, many reviewers say Arvin surpasses Conch as a writing assistant. After downloading Arvin Chrome Extension, you can use Arvin on any webpage at any time.

Arvin is ai tool, an excellent AI writing assistant, learning assistant, and working assistant, after downloading Arvin Chrome Extension, you can use Arvin on any webpage at any time.

Distinguished from Conch, Arvin offers many more free experiences. As a free user, you have 20 uses of Arvin and 10 chats with PDF per day. Whether you use Arvin to write an article, summarize information, or rewrite paragraphs, 20 free times a day is enough to generate well over 1,000 words of content. So, it’s very inexpensive.

Arvin AI Assistant ChatGPT Extension

Furthermore, Arvin has a huge Prompt Library with 2000+ Prompts in 20+ different categories, from writing to design to marketing. These specialized Prompts can generate high quality content with incredible speed. 

Arvin prompt library

If you want to generate high-quality content at a more reasonable price, then Arvin is the right choice.


Does Conch AI bypass Turnitin?

Yes, its claimed that built-in anti-AI detection technology will guarantee you safe passage through AI-detectors like Turnitin.

How to get Conch AI for free?

To get Conch for free visit the Conch official website or download the Conch Chrome Extension

Do I need to create a Conch AI account?

You can use Conch on its website, but without a login account you can’t fully use it. You can begin using free accounts before you purchase paid accounts.

Is Conch AI worth it?

Conch is an excellent writing assistant. It will generate unique written content and write whole essays on any topics in just a couple clicks. You can use the tool on desktop, or it can integrate into most platforms.

How to contact Conch AI?

You can email them and get help at help@getconch.ai.

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