Level Up with AI: 15 Expert ChatGPT Prompts for Literature Review

Literature reviews can be a challenging and time-consuming process, especially when it comes to identifying relevant sources and synthesizing the information. 
But when guided by smart prompts, ChatGPT can rapidly uncover relevant sources, analyze findings, and generate outlines that streamline the research process. Here are 15 expert ChatGPT Prompts for Literature Review that maximize its literature review abilities.

Key Prompting Strategies for Your Literature Review Process

Request Rock-Solid Sources

Prompt ChatGPT with:
“Provide 10 scholarly sources published within the last 5 years relevant to my research topic [topic].”
It will suggest peer-reviewed articles, books and reports you may have overlooked.

Summarize Sources’ Core Findings

Ask ChatGPT to:
“Summarize the primary findings and arguments of these 5 sources related to [topic] in clear, concise bullet points.”
This highlights the major takeaways to incorporate into your review.

Reveal Literature Review Gaps with a Customized ChatGPT Prompt

Prompt ChatGPT with:
“Identify any significant gaps in the coverage of these 10 sources related to [topic] and why filling those gaps would be valuable.”
It may reveal areas for original contributions.

Contrast Sources’ Perspectives

Ask ChatGPT to:
“Compare and contrast the key perspectives on [topic] presented in these 3 sources, highlighting both their similarities and differences.”
This analysis helps situate sources relative to each other.

Enlist ChatGPT to Detect Flaws in Literature Review Methodologies

Prompt ChatGPT to:
“Thoroughly evaluate the methodologies of these 2 sources related to [topic], identifying any major flaws or limitations.”
It can detect methodologies with questionable rigor and reliability.

Arrange Sources Thematically

Ask ChatGPT to:
“Organize these 15 sources related to [topic] into 4-5 thematic groups based on their core findings and arguments.”
This structuring helps integrate sources into a cohesive literature review.

Refine Literature Review Citations with a Custom ChatGPT Prompt

Prompt ChatGPT with:
“Scrutinize the citations in this paper and correct any errors or deviations from MLA or APA style.”
It can save you time ensuring dozens of sources are cited flawlessly.

Create a Visual Literature Map

Request that ChatGPT:
“Generate a diagram showing how these 10 sources related to [topic] intersect and diverge thematically.”
This reveals relationships you may have otherwise missed.

Try These Prompts to Boost Your Productivity

ChatGPT Prompts for Literature Review can rapidly uncover relevant sources, analyze findings, pinpoint gaps and generate outlines that streamline your workflow. But as always, your human expertise remains crucial for nuance, rigor and creative insight that elevate output.

Now copy & paste the prompts in Arvin (Google extension or iOS app) / ChatGPT, and unleash its potential to accelerate your literature review process. With the right prompts, ChatGPT can kickstart your review. While oversight is still essential, ChatGPT provides frameworks, surface insights and draft components to establish a strong literature review foundation upon which you can build more refined analysis and writing.


Can we use ChatGPT for literature review?

Yes, absolutely! ChatGPT is an excellent tool for literature review, helping you efficiently analyze, synthesize, and explore relevant information from various sources.

How can ChatGPT enhance my literature review process?

ChatGPT swiftly analyzes vast data, generates insightful summaries, and suggests new perspectives, saving you time and uncovering hidden gems in scholarly knowledge.

Can ChatGPT understand complex academic jargon?

Yes, ChatGPT is trained on extensive academic literature, enabling it to comprehend and contextualize complex jargon.

Can I rely on ChatGPT to identify credible sources?

ChatGPT can suggest potential sources, but it’s essential to verify critical information independently for credibility.

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