ChatGPT Prompts for Instructional Designers (Ultimate List)

Artificial Intelligence is knocking on the doors of many professions, and instructional design is no exception. Let’s dig into the compelling world of ChatGPT prompts for instructional designers.

How can ChatGPT help with instructional designer?

  • Generating content ideas
  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Enhancing natural language processing

15 ChatGPT Prompts for Instructional Designers

Prompts for Brainstorming Ideas

  • Suggest some innovative ideas for a [type of course] that would engage learners.
  • Describe [number] of potential scenarios to use in a case-based training on [topic].
  • I want you to act as a brainstorming assistant and suggest [number] ideas for an [instructional topic] that will engage [target audience].
  • Provide [number] of creative ideas for interactive activities for an online course on [topic].

Prompts for Writing Instructional Content

  • Provide [number] of examples of how to use visuals in a [type of learning material].
  • I need help writing [type of content] that is engaging and effective in teaching [instructional topic] to [target audience]. Can you suggest some tips or best practices?
  • I want you to act as a writing coach and provide feedback on my [type of content] for [instructional topic] to ensure it is clear, concise, and engaging for [target audience].
  • Suggest a way to present complex information in a simple and easy-to-understand format for [target audience].

Prompts for Instructional Strategies

  • Create an instructional strategy for teaching [specific concept or skill] to [target audience].
  • Suggest [number] different instructional strategies that would be effective in teaching [instructional topic] to [target audience].
  • Suggest an instructional strategy that would be appropriate for teaching [specific topic] to [specific target audience].
  • I want you to act as an instructional strategy consultant and recommend the most appropriate instructional strategy to use when teaching [instructional topic] to [target audience].

Prompts for Understanding Instructional Design Principles

  • Provide examples of how to apply [instructional design principle] in a [type of course].
  • How can I apply the ADDIE model to design an instructional program on [topic]?
  • Explain the importance of assessment in the instructional design process and provide [number] of examples of assessment types.

It promises to bring efficiency, creativity, and precision to the design of learning experiences.

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