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An extension to finish any task on any website

Step 1: Try yourself, chat with Arvin

You have to refresh ALL currently opened tabs so that Arvin gets activated


  1. Start your daily work, such as writing a Twitter caption
  2. Use ⌥ /alt + A to call Arvin
  3. Write “You’re a social media manager helping to write a tweet about the “suggesting good skin care product.”

Didn’t like our keyboard shortcut? Let’s Change it.

Where can you use Arvin?

Almost every website on your browser such as:

Step2: Top use cases: Email, Twitter, etc.

Blog Content

Go through following steps to get started

Digital Ad Copy

Produce compelling ad copy in just a few clicks.

eCommerce Copy

Increase sales with better product descriptions.

Email Copy

Generate emails that are 10x more powerful.

Arvin for social media

Social Media

Engage your audience with compelling social copy.

Website Copy

Overhaul your website with more compelling copy.

Step3: Use more features Like Summary, "/" or sidebar

Copy and ⌥ /alt + A

Fast Summary

Quickly select the copy you want to summarize, and press ⌥ /alt + A to get Arvin started with the summarizing work.


Build-in Prompt

Didn’t know how to start your task? We have you covered with 1000+ ChatGPT prompts, 200+ GPT-4 prompts


Ask Question Anytime

Access Arvin without disrupting Workflow, whether you are writing an email, ad copy, social media caption, or simply a quick question.

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